Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Do you have BIG Pet Problems???

Or……. Little Pets with BIG Problems???

Eliminate Pet Odors & Stains from Carpets & Furniture!

Pets who are members of the family sometimes have little problems or may even have big problems when we fail to come home at the appointed time.

Our professional carpet & furniture cleaning technicians are equipped to solve pet odor and stain problems in all types of carpet and on most upholstered furniture.

We’ll help make your home pleasant again so you and your pets can enjoy it.

What We Do!

Our unique External Extraction cleaning and treatment process actually improves indoor air quality. Special equipment removed odor causing bacteria and residue from your home through a sealed hose to storage tanks in our truck. Contaminated air, moisture and odor-laden residue can’t permeate the atmosphere in your home and redeposit odors into your carpet and furnishings.

Special injection equipment puts pet urine treatment directly into the carpet pad if necessary. “The Water Claw” is a special tool we can use for the removal of extreme urine levels, even from the pad.

How We Do It!

Odor is attacked at the source with deep, extraction cleaning. Injection of special enzyme and oxidation material attacks odor-causing bacteria. The biocidal content of the products we use is effective on common fungi such as aspergillus and penicillium.